Vital Lessons in Alcoholism

Alcoholism is attributed to terminal problems in the mind and body of the user.
Recent medical studies also reveal that it has far greater effects than other stimulants, traditionally considered to pose negative results.
The most common effects of alcohol are fatigue that follows unchecked use of the substance.
This leads to general muscle weakness and loss of balanced gait.
This is also the precursor to weak concentration of the mind on something and often causes it to relapse into the subconscious, even when one is sober.
Some of the medical effects of alcoholism are lethargic in their scope.
They cause the impairment of sight due to certain chemicals that affect the eye lens and blur the vision of the user.
Consuming alcohol also leads to memory loss and lack of concentration in a person's momentary line of thought.
For instance, students who are known by their peers for their consumption reveal lack of concentration in class and cannot understand a simple problem, even when, at the back of their mind, they may have the solution.
Alcoholism is also a constituting factor to the rising cases of kidney stones that are caused by continuous consumption of concentrated brews.
This leads to the burning of the vital organs and causes jaundice that can lead to eventual death.
One may also experience a low heart rate due to the clogging of the visceral tissue in the chest area.
Some of the psychological effects of alcoholism include protracted melancholy that causes a person to lose self-control with their own circumstances.
This form of depression has been attributed to a person's decline in social worth, where they become dependent.
This is also attended by respiratory problems that are not easy to treat.
Your must be careful when deciding to drink, there may be many dangerous side-effects.
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