How to Adjust the Torsion Bars on a 2003 S10 ZR2

    • 1). Measure from the bottom of the front crossmember on the frame to the ground with the tape measure, and write down or remember the measurement. Set the parking brake. Lift the front end of the S-10 with the jack, until the front wheels are off of the ground. Put jack stands under the frame.

    • 2). Find the torsion bar crossmember on the frame. It is behind the transmission and connects to the torsion bars which run parallel to the frame and the exhaust. Find the torsion bar adjustment bolts which run up and down vertically in the chassis.

    • 3). Loosen the torsion bar adjustment bolts to lower the front suspension, or tighten them to raise the front suspension, using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket for either method. Make sure that you adjust each side the same amount by counting the amount of rotations you take with the ratchet.

    • 4). Lower the S-10 off of the jack stands with the jack. Repeat the same measuring process that you performed in Step 1, and compare the two numbers. If necessary, lift the S-10 with the jack again and repeat the steps.

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