Hobbies for Couples

Some of the best times shared between a couple are when you have an avid interest in the same thing. If you don't have a common interest today, then get one tomorrow. Hobbies for couples can be as extravagant or as humble as you wish, just be sure the both of you are having a good time and have a common goal to achieve. If you are low on ideas, take a shot at one of these top five hobbies for couples:


Ballroom dancing has caught the country by storm, with record breaking enrollments from singles and couples alike. The technique can be mastered from absolute beginner status, and this type of dance is well suited for all ages and fitness levels. Not only can you have fun and whip yourselves into shape, but the cheek to cheek contact does wonders for the bedroom.


Not everyone likes the same sports or teams, but finding a common ground for sporting events or participation can enrich your spare time and your dialog. Perhaps the event is not as important as the time you spend together, so you might try a monthly game of any kind at your favorite sports arena year round. Buying a gym membership together is another great way to bond and encourage each other, or perhaps you would like to try something new, like a Friday night ice skating session at your local rink.

Film Making.

If you have a video camera, you are ready to go. Shooting a good video is child's play, but shooting a great one is a visual craft. The art of film making allows you to express yourselves together in ways you might never have dreamed of without the use of a camera. Be as clever and as artful as your talent takes you, and load your movies up on YouTube. The playback and critique is more fun than the shoot, and the sky's the limit as to what you can do.


Traveling can be costly, but its also one of the best investments you can make into yourselves. Not every trip needs to take you across the Atlantic, but every trip should be well-planned and touch your inner most beings. Part of the travel fun is to get your plans in order and book the trip from scratch. This can be done with a phone call to a travel agent, but the most fun and connectivity to one another is to secure your travel plans yourselves. Both of you could become experts with online price comparisons and finding those best bargain deals from Expedia, Orbitz, and more. The travel hobby starts long before your plane takes off, with careful study of each destination, your daily itinerary and even mapping out your dining guide. Travel near, travel far, but get those suitcases out and ready to go.


Taking quality photos is an art form and requires some careful consideration before clicking the shot. Most people settle for a quick snap without contemplating that their photos are permanent records of life. Low-cost workshops and online training are available to help you set up and conquer a shot, or you may opt to teach yourselves from a text book. A photo containing flattering lighting conditions, angles and artistry is an item to treasure for life. You be the camera person, and the other the subject, or mix and match your visual skills. Photography as a hobby that does not require much investment, but the rewards of having outstanding photos of yourselves will last for generations.
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