How to Add a New Identity to Outlook Express

If you want to allow others to use your computer and your Outlook Express without having to set up multiple users in Windows (maybe your version of Windows doesn't even allow that), you can create an identity for each user in Outlook Express itself.

Outlook Express identities are shielded from each other, and each has its own accounts, signatures, settings and its own address book. You can even protect an identity with a password.

Add a New Identity to Outlook Express

Now, to add a new identity to Outlook Express:
  • Select File | Identities | Add New Identity... from the menu.
  • Enter the name (or, if you have multiple identities for the same name, a user name) of the new user under Type your name:.
  • Click OK.
  • Click No to allow the additional user to set up their "copy" of Outlook Express themselves.

Of course and in particular if the additional identity is for yourself, you can also answer Yes and switch to it immediately to set it up. If you want to export your Hotmail address book, for example, create just a Hotmail account and start synchronizing.
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