Understanding Subrogation in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Individuals get into accidents each and every day, most of which result in some sort of damages (medical damages, property damages, loss of time at work, etc.). If you or someone you know has been in an accident and treated within a doctors office or emergency room for damages, you will have heard the term €subrogation' at one time or another. Normally an insurance company will use such a term, but your personal injury attorney will also refer to it with respects to your personal injury lawsuit.

The process that normally occurs is that once an individual is in an accident, is that they receive some sort of medical treatment, and the bills are sent directly to the person's insurance company. A claim is then opened on behalf of you, via your insurance company to pay for medical bills, ongoing medical treatment, and damages to your vehicle/property/home, etc.

In most cases your insurance company will take care of the upfront costs of your medical damages, and in some instances your property damages. Even is the accident was not caused with respects to your negligence, your insurance company pays in advance knowing that they will €subrogate' the costs in the near future.

So, what exactly is subrogation with respects to a personal injury lawsuit? Generally speaking the term means that one party will stand and act for another, temporarily. In most cases and with respects to personal injury, it means that your insurance company will try to recover their losses from your damages, via the other party's insurance company at a later date- ie. - to €subrogate'.

Subrogation can be a lengthy process and will include the need for a professional personal injury attorney in most cases. It is always best to contact your San Antonio personal injury lawyer prior to dealing with another party's insurance company. These persons can assist you throughout the entire subrogation and litigation processes, so you can rest at ease knowing that professionals are on your side.

Each state differs as far as laws and legal regulations that involve accidents, personal injury and/or subrogation therein. It is important to consult with your attorney regarding all of these items, so that you are fully aware of how your lawsuit will proceed. Understanding subrogation is important, especially in that an individual accepting outside payments for damages before the suit is complete, may result in the inability for an subrogation to occur. When you are a victim of an accident the last thing that you need to worry about is complications in receiving the payments for damages that you deserve.

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