How to Budget With Credit #4 - Car Insurance

You can't miss it.
Anyone who owns a television and has it on at any time of the day can not miss all the car insurance ads that run all day every day.
There are literally dozens of ads that are now played over and over for several companies.
I counted ads for seven car insurance companies yesterday, that's a lot of commercial time for you to get the message.
What's funny to me is that they all do not point out the facts in order to help you make the right decision.
Its understandable they have to entertain you so you will call them, and that's what they try and do.
Car insurance companies are spending millions of dollars a year to try and get your attention, don't you think its time you get all the facts from them? For example if you want to make a good decision call all of the companies, do not rely on one telling you what everyone else would cost you.
Even if you get an accurate number you are not sure what the other company is offering.
You may get a better package, more coverage or other services like rental car and roadside assistance.
Doing the home work can save you time and is a big part of sticking to a budget.
One thing many people do not realize is that your credit score actually does affect your rates.
A high score, especially on a new car can cause your premium to soar, making it harder to pay every month.
To solve this problem you can look into credit repair.
A credit repair company can fix your score in weeks instead of the months or even years it would take you to do it yourself.
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