Jeddah and it’s 3 C’s: Culture, Cuisine and Consumerism

Jeddah, which stands on the west end of Saudi Arabia has tradionally been known to people as the passage which leads to the holy doors of Allah. Almost everybody who wishes to fulfill his long standing will to witness the Hajj experience has to pass through Jeddah in order to grant himself the wish. Offlatethough, Jeddah is being known for the richness in culture, cuisine and the buoyant consumerism which has made the place a truly upward looking city in terms of the warmth accorded.

Jeddah is becoming a very good example of being a religious town which balances it's culture in the presence of a huge expatriate population. There is a huge number of mosques, approximately 10,000which line the entire city and provides a divine fragrance to the air. Even though, Jeddah is known for being utterly religious, we can all see the fine line it has maintained and allows for moderation in terms of singular belief in your individual eligions. This is seen from the many expatriates who live a content life in Jeddah because of the doubtless, restraint free air which Jeddah exudes. In fact, if you have a look at the data of the travelers who came in to Jeddah on one of the many Flights to Jeddah, you will find a decent mix of regional ties and religious belief holders.

Speaking about the cuisine in Jeddah, it probably boasts of the best mix of cuisine available in any city. Though Muslim cuisine is already well known around the world for the gastronomic delight it offers, there are many other forms of cuisine which are making a stronghold for themselves in Jeddah as people from various nationalities are making Jeddah their workplace. We have all the major US brands that have set shop in Jeddah now. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway and Mc Donald's of the world are now in Jeddah catering to the vast US based population working in Jeddah now. Even Indian food joints are now making their presence felt in Jeddah (Tanoori and Kohinoor, to name a few) with their sumptuous offerings of Tikkas and Tandoori Chicken. Lebanese cuisine based mainly on lamb preparations also finds enough takers in this city which does not mind splurging an extra buck on their taste buds. In short, for the ones who are gastronomically inclined, Jeddah is the perfect place to rover around.

Consumerism has now been given a boost by the huge inflow of expatriate working population which has led to a huge spurt in the number of shopping malls, hypermarkets and multiplexes. The deals you can get, mainly on electronic items in Jeddah are one of the best deals in the world which can lead you to buy more than what your wallet would have allowed in any other tourist destination.

All in all, Jeddah is a brilliant mix of majorly all facets which a tourist might want to have in a trip. It is well connected by all major airports in the world and there are many cheap flights to Jeddah at all times. So book your tickets now if an all round experience is what you are seeking for Jeddah.

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