Neon Belt Tensioner Removal

    • 1). Allow the car to cool for several hours. Disconnect the battery cable from the car's engine.

    • 2). Lock the car in place by setting wheel chocks behind the back wheels of the vehicle. Set the floor jack on the ground next to the passenger side of the car. Use the floor jack to raise the passenger side of the car.

    • 3). Move any engine parts that are in the way of the timing belt. Place these parts away from the engine.

    • 4). Use a wrench to loosen the tensioner on the timing belt. You should turn the tensioner about 70 degrees in a clockwise direction.

    • 5). Use a wrench to loosen the pulley nuts on the belt tensioner. These pulley nuts are located near the front of the motor. Follow the tensioner to the back of the motor. Use a socket wrench to loosen the tensioner bolt.

    • 6). Slowly slide the belt off the pulley and through the engine. Discard the used belt.

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