A Review Of EcoFresh

Working with EcoFresh will enable you to sell products that are environmentally friendly and much safer for your prospects than the standard chemical cleaners they are probably using in their home right now.
Whilst the company was founded back in the 1970's the products didn't become popular until recently.
They produce household cleaning products and deodorizers that are free of bleach, enzymes, ammonia and alcohol; ingredients which have all been linked to various ailments.
Their bug catcher is also quite popular, it again is made from natural products and contains no chemicals, but still does its job.
The products are all made from plant extracts, water and cereal grains.
This makes them very safe to use and are in no way harmful like chemical cleaners can be, they also perform well.
The slow start that the company had was simply due to peoples obsession with chemical cleaners that were available around that time, although they worked well..
A couple of decades on and the environment started to come to the forefront of people's minds and everything is gearing toward a greener lifestyle.
Therefore products like EcoFresh are now more in demand.
Their flagship product is the three in one cleaner, it's useful for many different tasks around the home and works out at around six cents per bottle mixed up from powder.
This is very economical indeed.
EcoFresh was founded by Michael Brandt who is a board certified Entomologist, over his successful 45 year career he has founded many successful companies that are still trading today.
The company is now led by Ron Dawson, a man of over 35 years business experience.
Ron has helped develop many multimillion dollar firms.
Every company needs great leadership if they are going to survive and EcoFresh has this covered well.
How you can make money with EcoFresh EcoFresh are a direct sales company and you have the opportunity to earn up front retail income and also build a residual income from your team that you build under you.
You will get an override of 6% on sales that your team members make plus 25% for retail sales.
You can also bank a generous extra 10% by selling $2000 worth of volume each month.
Working your way to the top of the comp plan will entitle you for other bonuses plus a $700 a month car allowance.
If you are wanting to create a big residual income with this opportunity then your efforts should be focused on bringing in a quality, motivated team, you should also be helping as many of your team members to reach Director level as possible.
It's also important that you have enough people to present the opportunity to.
One of the biggest problems which leads to attrition in this industry is a lack of leads.
Relying only on your warm market and your list of one hundred names is probably not going to be enough to build an decent team, if indeed you recruit anyone! Success will depend on your ability to get as many people to see your presentations on a daily basis no matter what.
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