The #1 Quality Women Are Attracted To

There is a lot of theory out there about what does or doesn't attract the opposite sex.
  I think it's fair to break down attractive qualities into 3 distinct categories: 1) qualities which are generally attractive, 2) qualities which are particularly attractive to women and 3) qualities which are particularly attractive to men.
There is a rating for each quality, depending on which category the perceiver is in.
For example, good grooming and attire would rank very highly in the first category- qualities which are generally attractive to everyone.
  However, something like physical attractiveness would rate higher for qualities that men seek than for what women seek.
  In general, men are more visually oriented than women and do tend to judge women more based on looks, than vice versa.
What then ranks the highest as the most attractive quality in men for women? There are many qualities that women are attracted to, including looks, social status, leadership, charisma, and affection.
However, the quality that women find the MOST attractive in a man is CONFIDENCE.
What is confidence? There is obviously a dictionary definition, but most people have their own interpretation of what confidence means.
  Some people think it means being more outwardly commanding, others see it as having an unshakeable belief that one will succeed.
I will define confidence like this: confidence is not worrying about what other people think about you.
Yeah, that definition is a little different.
But think about it, when people think about a confident person, what do they visualize? They think about someone who's in charge, someone who knows what he or she wants, someone who has a plan.
I would argue that those are all OUTWARD manifestations of having an inner core of beliefs and values that are not dependent on outside interference or persuasion.
When someone relies on or worries about the beliefs and influences of others, it creates doubt, which outwardly manifests as hesitation.
Confident behavior is the antithesis of hesitant behavior.
Therefore, being outwardly confident consists of having an inner belief system that is independent of any outside interference.
It is this kind of independence of belief and attitude that women find overwhelmingly appealing.
Men, don't be afraid to be different, to be an individual, to do things your way.
Women find this to be irresistible.
In a future article, I will discuss different ways and techniques of building confidence.
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