Miniature Poodle Obesity


    Obesity Statistics

    • Veterinarians consider 47 percent of their patients overweight or obese. Only 17 percent of dog owners rate their dogs as overweight.

    Causes of Obesity

    • The most common cause of obesity is the combination of uncontrolled eating habits and a lack of exercise. Neutering, metabolism slowing with age and hormonal disorders can also lead to dangerous weight increase.

    Assess Your Poodle

    • Take the Body Assessment Rating for Canines. This tool will give you a good idea as to whether your poodle is at risk for obesity. There is a link to this evaluation in the Resources section.

    Weight Loss Program

    • Plan a customized weight loss program for your poodle that combines healthier eating habits and regular exercise. A healthy weight loss rate is 1 to 2 percent of body weight per week. If the weight stays on, your vet can test for hormonal deficiencies and perhaps prescribe medication

    Weight Loss Medication

    • In 2007, Pfizer launched Slentrol, the only medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration to combat obesity in dogs. Slentrol acts as an appetite suppressant. Side effects include vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue.

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