Cheap macbook pros, how to get one

There are ways to get a cheap macbook or macbook pro. We all like to save money and a macbook pro can fetch almost $2000.

Below is lots of the best ways to buy not only cheap macbooks but any apple product.

disclaimer: many of these formulas require some hardware knowledge, do not purchase if your not comfortable with putting together computers.

1. Buy preowned
Apple have a fixup section these are products which people have brought either direct from the apple store or through a third party and there was faults with them, almost all of the time the only things wrong with these macbooks are scratches or dents on the plastic. If I brought a pristine new macbook pro and it had a scratch on it, i'd compain. Apple analyze and normally fix the issues with these returns and resell them at massively discounted prices. The warranty that is offered with these is normally much less than with new but the money saved makes up for it.
Apples Refurbished site

2. Ebay
All of us have heard of ebay and has no doubt used it in one way or another. When I was looking to pay $1000 on the highly praised 17€ macbook pro I searched ebay for faulty macbook pros. ebayers who's iPhones are out of warranty and have broke put them on ebay hoping that other people will buy them for parts and purchase them a for a few dollars. look for macbooks etc which are broke and then ask the seller the things that are is wrong with it, with a little bit of detective work you will no doubt come accross what the fault is and how to fix it, you can pick up the parts you need and most of the time there is a vid on youtube telling you how to repair it.

3. Known Apple faults
Research issues with old generation apple goods and search classifieds for users that are having these issues and do not know about the upgrade service that Apple offer. For example I got a cheap 17" macbook pro on craigslist because the previous owner said that the screen wouldn't turn on, the computer made all the sounds as if it was turning on but the screen was blank. Being a computer nerd I had a feeling this sounded like a graphics card problem so after hours of searching I came accross a yahoo answers that said there was a problem with all graphics cards in this version of mb pros and that apple would replace it free of charge whether the laptop was in warranty or not. I saved almost $1500, I actually sold it 2 years later for more than I paid for it.

4. ( )
Ziinga is a brilliant place to get not just cheap apple products but lots of cheap electronics. It does require a little equity to get started but once you have the hang of the system (eg Only bid right before the end of the auction) you can pick up some serious savings. A family member of mine who makes a couple $thousand a month off of sites like Ziinga by buying and then reselling products managed to do all his christmas shopping this year on there, his niece couldnt believe it when they opened their macbook airs on crimbo day, his mum couldnt believe it either, little do they know that he spent less than 1/2 price on each them.

5. Student Discount
This is the simplest of all our ways, Get a huge 15% off most of apple products all you need is to either be a student or know someone who works for a educational institute.

Apples student discount site ( )

6. Bulk buying
This is another one that I have tried. The majority of Apple retailers eg bestbuy have a lot of returned Apple goods and usually these dont get shipped back to Apple and at the end of a financial year they need to sell them, if your timing is correct you can usually buy pallets of Apple products for ridiculously cheap. All that you need then is to work through every product diagnose the problem, fix it and sell it on ebay. This is a large risk but if you're at ease with pulling apart and fixing macs then there is a lot of money to be saved & made.

7. Amazon
If all else fails, I would recommend looking on Amazon or affiliated shops as other sellers list their prices on there which can be a little bit cheaper than going to Apple direct. My brother just brought a cheap 15" macbook pro ( ) with a carry bag & magic mouse from Amazon, for the same price as just the mb pro alone through Apple.

I hope that these ideas help you save some cash and I'd love to hear of any other ways to get cheap apple products that you may have.

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