The Benefits of Texting Hands-Free

This is where texting hands free when receiving a call on your cell comes in handy.
There are states which permit you to drive so long as you do not use your hands to do so thus you still stay within the law if you texting hands free.
Any form of distraction is not good while driving.
Apart from following safe driving practices such as use of seat belts, driving with the speed limits specified, using indicators and blinkers correctly, ensuring that your headlamps and brake lights are functioning properly, it is also essential that your cell phone has the hands free option or that you have the faculty of texting hands free (this is if you intend using your cell while driving).
Just as in the past, alcohol used to be a major factor for vehicle accidents, now use of the hand held speech device while driving has also become the main cause of road mishaps.
If you are inclined to use your cell phone when driving, you must be prepared to spend a little more to ensure that you have a cell that has the hands free and the texting hands free option.
Governments and local authorities are taking steps to curb the use of cell phones while driving and have prescribed stiff penalties, which with repeated occurrences would also lead to the cancellation of your driving license but basically, it also depends on you - how responsible you feel while driving and how conscious you are to discipline yourself when driving.
Driving requires complete concentration, self restraint is also needed and that it is not easy to multi task when it comes to driving.
This awareness has to be instilled within you.
There are different options for hands free cell phone- one, is an installed mounted device, second is a speaker phone if you feel more comfortable with that.
if you have the Bluetooth facility, you will be able to drive pretty comfortably while using your cell at the same time.
The modern cell phones with their designs does make it less difficult for you to use your cell while driving.
One thing which you need to remember is that, please have all your settings done, like placing your head set or the hands free option in place, before you start your vehicle - if you attempt to do that, while the vehicle is in motion, the consequences could be disastrous, either for you or for some other unfortunate victim on the road.
If you are not careful and choose not to obey rules in place, then you need to be prepared to face the legal consequences, which could be very expensive.
Being careful is not only for you, the occupants in your vehicle but also for others who use the road.
You have a tremendous responsibility when you are behind the wheel.
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