8 Recession Proof Dates For You and Your Compatible Match

When the economy isn't doing so hot, dating can feel like a bad idea.
It costs money to take your compatible match out.
And if you don't have a job or are worried about the number of people getting laid off, counting your pennies becomes more important.
However, there are lots of date ideas that you and your new match can take advantage of without costing a whole lot of money that you just don't have.
1-Fishing: As long as you have a fishing pole or two, you can do this for little or no money.
Buy some bait for a few bucks or dig up your own worms.
It's a nice way to spend a slow day or evening catching fish and catching up.
You might even be able to find a pretty area where you and your compatible match can share the experience.
2-Stargazing: Grab a blanket and some warm clothes if it's cool and head outside.
If it's a night for a meteor shower, it can be incredibly pretty.
But even if it's not, you and your compatible match can watch the stars, cuddle and talk.
You could even enjoy an inexpensive late-night snack.
3-Picnics: Pack a lunch, some drinks and take a hike to a pretty spot.
If there are some state or local parks around, they could be the perfect place to enjoy your meal.
You can do some hiking or even some fishing later on.
4-Bowling: Many bowling alleys have specials and sales where some nights are less expensive than others.
You can play several games for just a few dollars, including the price of the shoes.
A good dose of competition can be very healthy for your relationship.
5-Old-fashion Bonfires: Gather some wood, some matches or a lighter, some hotdogs, marshmallows and alcohol (if you're over 21 and won't be driving) and settle in for a night of stories and cuddling in front of the fire.
6-At-home movie nights: Pick up some of your and your compatible match's favorite movies, either the ones you have at home or some inexpensive ones from a local store and pop them in the player.
With popcorn and drinks, you can spend a fun day, evening or weekend cuddling on the couch and enjoying some action, romance or comedy.
7-Playing at the Park: It might sound silly, you and your compatible match might really enjoy swinging on the swings, sliding down slides and making your own memories on a familiar place from your childhood.
8-Homemade dinner: It's probable you're going to make dinner, anyway, so if you make it for two, you can light some candles, throw out a nice tablecloth and enjoy a cozy evening.
Just because you don't have a lot of money doesn't mean you can't enjoy time with someone special.
There are lots of ways you and your compatible match can spend time together, even though you don't have the funds you need or want.
Just be creative and don't discount anything, even if it sounds silly.
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