Tips for Preventive Maintenance

Tips for preventive maintenance

Let the mechanics of your vehicle on the day following some basic tips:

Engine oil: Oil won is contaminated with solid impurities (metals and non-metals) wearing the internal parts of the engine and damage the fuel. Impurities also decrease the viscosity of the lubricant and thus its sealing capability, providing internal and external leaks, causing the oil to pass by the piston rings being burned in the combustion chamber and increasing emission of pollutants. Impurities also reduce the oil's ability to form and maintain the lubricating film, which can generate dry friction.

Oil filter: when dirty, leaves trap impurities generated by the running engine.

Fuel Filter: Filter Problems that are related to poor quality of gasoline, ethanol or diesel. Pay attention to the merits of fuel, fueling the car only in establishments confidence. When the filters are dirty, impede the flow of fuel going to the engine, interfering with performance, and seriously damage the fuel pump, can dramatically decrease their useful life.

Air Filter: Its purpose is to separate and remove the impurities in the air inlet to the engine and sent to the combustion chamber. It also protects internal engine components such as shirts, rings and pistons against damage caused by air pollution. These are the engine wear consume more lubricating oil and burn, emitting smoke for more leakage and, consequently shortening the life of the engine.

Candles & Cable Ignition is worn, causing misfires and increase fuel consumption.

Reeds: If the blades are not wiping properly, greatly impair visibility on rainy days.

Lamps: are also safety items and ensure lighting and vehicle signage.

Extinguisher: do not leave home without checking the fire extinguisher is within the validity period.

Tires: keep both calibrated. If the grooves are shallow, it's time to replace them.

Brakes: Check the pads, pads and discs. If you are below the minimal display, perform the exchange.

Suspension: shock absorbers, springs, trays in good condition to ensure your safety.

Direction: off the terminals or even the steering box represent a danger.

Emergency: See also the wrench and reflective triangle are in the trunk, as well as a flashlight - always useful for those who travel. Look for a fuel station reliable, well-lit and safe to complete the tank level.

In addition to preventive maintenance tips, you need to remember other important aspects before leaving the highway:
Do not exceed in places forbidden and dangerous
Do not drink alcohol if driving
Do not use the cell phone while driving
Take the phone contact your insurer or a competent company winch
Use the arrow lights whenever you want to change lanes
Not travel along the shoulder
Using seat belts
Calibrate the tires to the proper pressure for cargo and passengers (see owner's manual)
Observe speed limits and use caution throughout the trip
Respect the driver of the other vehicles so that everyone gets to the right destination
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