How to Appear Successful with Prospects

Oh my….I got lead / prospect. Now what do I do? Do I call? Do I send an email?

These are questions that I get all the time. I strongly suggest not calling your lead / prospect. This can be interpreted as a cold call and you may come across as desperate. Most of the time, the lead is browsing around for internet marketing business opportunities.

If you have branded yourself correctly on the internet, your story and pages will give them an idea of who you are. The more they see and read about you, the more you are successful in their eyes. This would include posting yourself in videos on YouTube, blogging, articles, press releases, social media sites and forums. Just to mention a few. Google your name and see what comes up in the organic listings. You should be ranking on the first page.

They will contact you if they become serious and want to know more about your business opportunity and of course, about you. When this time comes and your lead/prospect phones you, let them go to an answering machine or have your assistant (friend or family member) answer the call on your behalf. If a message is left, your assistant calls them back and sets up an appointment time for you to call them back.

Example conversation: “Hello, my name is Sally Joe, I am Bill Black’s assistance. I understand that you wish to speak with him. Let’s set up a time that works for both you and Bill. His schedule is filled tomorrow, how about the next day? Which is better for you, morning or afternoon?….. He has 2:45 or 4:30 available. This call should only take about 10-15 minutes. 2:45? Alright. Be near your phone at 2:45 as Bill will phone you at that time. He will make one other attempt a few minutes later should you not be reachable. Otherwise, he won’t be available to speak with you until next week.”

Guess what? Your lead / prospect will be at the other of the line when you call. You have come across as an extremely busy and successful leader. They may even sound nervous to speak with you.
During your conversation, listen to what they are saying. Hear their pain, relate to them in some way and give the solution to relieve their pain. Keep the call short (time yourself) as you could get caught up in lengthy life story. That’s not what this call is about.
Now is the time to tell them what to do next….”call to action”. Let them know how to sign up, join, attend a webinar or conference call, which ever is the next step in your lead / prospect becoming a member of your business team.

Congrats!! You have made a sale and are on your way to truly becoming the successful leader that your prospect sees you as.

To Your Abundance & Success!

Virginia Wild
Your Guide to Success
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