How to Overclock a Compaq HP Presario SR1903WM

    • 1). Shut down the Compaq HP Presario SR1903WM and disconnect the power cord from the wall.

    • 2). Remove the case screws and slide off the side case panel.

    • 3). Move the memory retaining switches outwards and pull the RAM chips out of the motherboard.

    • 4). Disconnect all cabling from the motherboard, including the data cables from the hard and optical drive and the power cables from the power supply.

    • 5). Lift the retaining levers on the CPU fan and pull it off the processor. Lift the retaining lever for the CPU chip and pull it out of the machine.

    • 6). Unscrew the cards on the bottom half of the motherboard and pull each out of the case.

    • 7). Remove the screws holding the motherboard in place and lift it out of the case. Insert the new motherboard in its place and screw it into position. Reverse the previous steps to reinstall the CPU, RAM, computer cards and cables to the new motherboard.

    • 8). Plug in the computer and start it. Press the key displayed in the startup message to enter BIOS. This is normally "Esc" or one of the "F" keys.

    • 9). Click "Advanced Settings" and highlight "FSB Frequency." Press "Enter," enter a value five to ten points higher than the default value and press "Enter" to confirm. This will increase the speed of the CPU, overclocking the system.

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