How to Make Bar Codes Online


    Instructions using Bar Code Soft

    • 1). Visit Bar Code Soft's Online Barcode Generator. As opposed to some online bar code generators, such as Wasp's, this generator lets you choose the file type the bar code is generated in.

    • 2). Choose the settings you wish for your bar code, including the width of the lines, the symbology--whether Code 128, Code 11, Code 25 and many other options--and the bar width and height. These settings determine, in part, how large the generated bar code will be, so keep in mind where your bar code will go. An object as large as a skateboard could handle larger settings than an object like a watch, for example.

    • 3). Enter the data you wish the generator to encode. This data can include letters, numbers and special characters.

    • 4). Read the Disclaimer, accept the terms and conditions, and then press the "Generate" button. Save the generated bar code by right-clicking on the image and naming the file and the location where it will be stored.

    Instructions Using Wasp

    • 1). Visit Wasp's Barcode Generator in the Resources Section.

    • 2). Follow their instructions by choosing a bar code symbology from the drop-down list, the data to be encoded and your email address.

    • 3). Choose whether you wish the bar code to be sent to your email address or for an image to generate in the open window. If the image is sent to your email, you'll have it for good, whereas closing the window on the bar code generator page will lose the image file and force you to generate it again.

    Instructions for Terry Burton's Barcode Generator

    • 1). Visit Terry Burton's Barcode Generator in the Resources Section.

    • 2). Choose the symbology you wish the bar code to be generated in. Code 128, for example, gives the parallel lines made familiar at grocery stores.

    • 3). Erase the "0123456" filler text and type in the data you wish the generator to encode. Change the text height if you wish to adjust that parameter. The text height determines the display of the text below the generated bar code. Click on the "Options Reference" link to read about more settings you can change, such as the ink spread and the text font.

    • 4). Click the "Make Bar Code" button and wait for the new bar code to be generated. Click on one of the file links, such as BMP or JPEG, to download the created image to your computer.

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