Auto Body Tools for Detailing


    Buffing Pads

    • Buffing pads are generally made of either wool or foam. Wool pads are used for a more aggressive and faster buffing, and are manufactured in different types depending on its purpose. There are twisted-yarn wool pads for aggressive buffing, blended wool pads for cutting newer clear coats, and lamb wool pads for gentle finishing.

      Foam pads are used for a more delicate compounding and final finishing. Different categories of foam pads are also supplied based on the pads' cell construction. Foam pads are made up of small, uniformly shaped cells which look similar to a bee's honeycomb. The smaller these cells are, the less aggressive the foam pad is. To get that great paint finish, it is typically recommended to start with a wool pad and finish with a foam pad.

    Dual-Action or Random Orbital Polisher

    • A dual-action buffer, also called random orbital buffer, operates in two separate motions---it oscillates randomly around a central point while its wheel spins. This type of detailing tool does not generate enough heat or swirl motions to damage the paint surface, so it is used for light buffing jobs.

    Rotary Buffer/Polisher

    • A rotary buffer is commonly used with cars that need heavy polishing in a short amount of time. This type generates high-speed and constant motion over a specific point, resulting to a build-up of heat and friction. Heat softens the paint, enabling friction to remove paint defects quickly. Removal of paint is necessary in order to restore a high-gloss and defect-free finish.

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