What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure for Young Drivers?

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      The crash rate for 16-years-olds is nearly six times as high as for drivers 20 to 24. That's why it is so expensive for young drivers to insure their cars.

      Auto reviewer Good Car, Bad Car has compiled the five cheapest cars to insure in the U.S., based on average-driver insurance quotes from However, premiums are affected by factors such as the driver's state or Zip code and driving history. Young drivers' rates will be higher than those of average drivers. They can still save by picking cars like these, which may not be sporty models but are cheaper to insure overall.

    Honda Odyssey

    • The Honda Odyssey is a big, sturdy minivan that is less likely than some others to sustain severe damage if involved in an accident. These characteristics make it less expensive to insure. The Odyssey's insurance premium is about $871 for the average driver.

    Kia Rio5

    • The Kia-Rio5 is a smaller, four-door car with a quick, 1.6-liter, 110-horsepower engine. The manufacturer prides itself on this car being easy to drive and the vehicle is fitted with air conditioning and heated seats. It is the fourth cheapest vehicle to insure with an $870 average price.

    Hyundai Entourage/Kia Sedona

    • These two similar Korean cars are tied for third in the list of cheapest cars to insure. They are considered to be large minivans, so they are big. They are not only cheaper to buy than the Honda Odyssey, but come with a $852.50 average insurance premium.

    Kia Sportage

    • This is a four-by-four that averages $840 a year to insure. Again, it has the size advantage, but it has fewer parts than a minivan. Should an accident occur, there are fewer parts that would need to be either repaired or replaced.

    Hyundai Santa Fe

    • This is a big car that can be altered to fit seven people. What makes it so cheap to insure are the safety features. It has an anti-lock braking system and an electronic stability program which help prevent the driver from crashing. It also has six airbags. considers it to be the cheapest car to insure in the U.S. at $832 a year.

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