How to Take Care of Teacup Yorkie Puppies

    • 1). Schedule a visit with your veterinarian to examine your puppies. Yorkies, especially the teacup-sized dogs, are prone to a number of genetic conditions such as heart murmurs and hypoglycemia that can be life-threatening if not caught early. Your vet will give your puppies a thorough exam, vaccinations and wormer to keep them up to date and pest-free.

    • 2). Set up a crate for your Yorkie puppies in a quiet area of your home. Yorkies can be very high strung and easily distressed, so place the crate in a quiet, low-traffic area in your home. Pad the crate with a bed and your puppies' favorite toys to keep them happy and quiet while resting in the crate.

    • 3). Feed your puppies on a regular schedule. Yorkie puppies have very sensitive digestive systems and benefit from a strict feeding regimen. Feed your puppies a high quality kibble with minimal amounts of bone meal and grains, and always provide access to clean water to prevent dehydration.

    • 4). Take your Yorkie puppies outside to potty on a regular basis. Many small breeds, including Yorkies, can be difficult to housebreak if they are not watched vigilantly. Keep your pups contained in a small area of your home when not in their kennel, and watch for whining, pawing or pacing, all signs that your puppies might need to go out. Select one area of your yard and always take the puppies to the same spot to potty.

    • 5). Place collars on your puppies and allow them to wear them while supervised. Yorkies are small dogs prone to injury, so being familiar with a collar and knowing how to properly walk on a lead is a good safety measure for your puppies. Give the pups a treat or two when they are standing quietly and ignoring their collars so they associate being calm on lead with a reward.

    • 6). Teach your Yorkie puppies a few basic command. Sit, stay, lie down, come and heel are all valuable skills that any dog will benefit from knowing. A quiet, calm, well-trained Yorkie not only makes for a good pet, but makes for a welcome guest in any household.

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