Where to Find Cheap Or Free Wii ISO Downloads

WII is one the most popular gaming consoles available in the market today.
More and more people are preferring the WII against any other gaming consoles.
One the reasons for this is the fact that WII is amongst the lowest priced of all gaming consoles.
It is not uncommon to see WII get-togethers and parties these days.
This in itself is enough proof to the fact about the number of WII gamers out there.
But this huge popularity has not made the WII games disc any cheaper.
The cost of these discs are so high that if you play about a couple of games on your WII, you would have spent about the cost of your console on just these 2-3 games.
The consequence of such high cost games discs is that more and more people are turning to torrent sites and other such p2p sites to download games.
In addition to the fact that such downloads are illegal, it also poses severe threat to your gaming consoles because of the viruses and spywares that come along with such downloads.
If you love your console just like the way I do, I am sure you will not want to go that way.
There is another option for such gamers.
It is to download your games from one of those many internet sites that offer a membership for downloading games.
There are quite a few such sites on the internet but it is important that you be able to identify the ones that are scams from the ones that are genuine download sites.
There are quite a lot of sites that are overnight scams, which will take your money and run away.
Such sites promise the world at a very small price.
This in itself is the sign that there is some catch behind what they are offering.
Membership sites that offer downloads provide two different types of memberships - a pay-per-download option and another pay-per-period option.
Pay-per-download : This membership charges you on a per download basis.
You have to pay per download and almost all games will cost the same.
For people who are casual gamers, this option is the best one.
Whenever you wish to play a game, you can download it and pay for the download.
Pay-per-period: Such memberships offer you a monthly or, a yearly option and gives you unlimited downloads.
So if you are somebody who is an avid gamer and would want to download a lot of games, this is the option to go.
Most of these download sites provide these download in the form of an ISO file which can be written to a CD or, a DVD.
These WII ISO files are checked and certified to be free of viruses and spyware and hence does not harm your console in any way.
Normally the price for such memberships are reasonable and the cost of one WII ISO will hardly be anything in comparison to the price that you will otherwise be paying for a games disc.
Which of the these membership types should you go for is purely based on the kind of gamer you are.
Whatever your choice, just ensure that you read enough reviews and opinions about the download sites that provide WII ISO to be sure that you do not fall prey to any spams.
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