The Agricultural Aircraft Cessna 188

Cessna 188 Agwagon is a very successful agricultural aircraft that was designed by the manufacturer Cessna. They were able to come up with a perfect unit with the help of their extensive research and interview with the operators of the agricultural aircraft. They wanted to learn what they want to have on a plane for them to be able to do their job better. This consultation was done in the early 1960s. This aircraft was able to fly for the first time in February 19, 1965. The unit comes with two different engines, one with Continental O-470-R that can produce 230hp and the Continental IO-520-D that can produce 300hp.

The aircraft comes with a 757liters of glass fiber hopper capacity. It is located between the engine firewall and the cabin of the aircraft. There is also an optional spraying or dusting equipment is made available to the buyers. Due to the high demand of the aircraft there were several variants of the aircraft was created. The other variant contains improve features. The two variants that were made available to the market are the AGtruck and the AGpickup. The AGpickup was introduced in 1972. This is the variant of 188 that contains a 230hp engine. The AGtruck was also introduced in 1972 and it contains the same engine as the AGwagon. There was another variant that was considered the best which is known as the AGhusky

The suspension of the AGplanes began with the AGpickup which happened in 1976. The AGwagon immediately come after that in 1981 and lastly the AGtruck and the AGhusky in 1985. It is the best plane to buy even on a second basis because it surely is good as new depending on its past owners. This is best for people who are involve in farming or you can consider doing services for hire either by the city or from a private individual.

Ask an expert's opinion if it is still a good buy. This is known to have been designed to give minimum exposure for pilot on the chemicals that they are carrying. With a plane your job in the farm will surely be easier and faster. You can be more productive if you have a plane to help you with the most difficult task in your farm. You need to try to learn how to fly a plane so that you don't have to hire outside help.

Cessna 188 is a good plane to own. You will surely earn a lot of money when you buy this type of plane and use it to help the different farm within your area you will be able to come up with the money you have spent to buy the plane.


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