Seo Secrets

SEO is very much technical process. We know that spending lot of money on internet for advertisement is not helpful for your presence on internet. So if you follow good SEO techniques you will definitely get good position on internet within one month. There are basically two techniques of SEO.
On page SEO:
As we all know that content is king, so we have to change our content as per our business or profession. Your content should be unique. Avoid copy material from other sites. It is very much important that your site should not contain unethical or illegal content. This can ban your presence permanently on the internet. The following should be kept in mind while designing.

avoid CMS or flash web site, because these types of sites are not SEO friendly.
Avoid flash content because they are not compatible to i-phones.
Choose a design that is compatible with mobile phones, tablets or other systems because many people use tablets or mobile instead of laptop or desktop.
Your website should be compatible to all browsers. So always check cross compatibility with all major browsers
Keywords should be present in the content of page. It should not be less than 2% or not greater than 4%
Control bounce rate of your website for rank maintenance.
Use Bold, Strong, H1 tags Properly in your website.
Avoid virus files or illegal data to boost your business.
Always connect your site with social networking sites likes tweeter, face book etc.
Use accurate and to the point material instead of large and useless data.
Off page promotion:
Off page can also help you to be at a good position.

Directory submission is best part . Avoid automatic submissions . Use good directories only for submission and use manual submission only.
Regularly post on social networking sites that also helps to promote your business
Use fresh content as article submissions.
Exchange links with good sites only.
Avoid posting comments on illegal or un-ethical site.
Regularly check OBL of your website and try to improve OBL of your website
Regularly use form posting and make comments on other sites.
I am sure that with these techniques anyone can get top listed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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