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If work is getting you down and your boss is constantly nagging you why not take destiny into your hands and see if you can make all your career dreams come true yourself. Many of us constantly dream about quitting our jobs, packing in the nine to five hours and becoming our own boss but this often seems like a scary prospect which is usually dismissed as a bit of a pipe dream. If you have a good business idea and you feel confident there is a niche in the market just waiting to be filled, starting up your own business could not only be financially rewarding but personally fulfilling too.

Once you decide to take the leap and start your own business there are a few important hints and tips that can help make your first few months in business profitable and enjoyable. The first thing to think about, after your all important business, is where you will work from. In the initial weeks of start up you will probably work from home, just to save money, but eventually you may find you need space to entertain clients and hire in extra staff, so searching for a good professional looking office space in advance is a must. Check out where likeminded business have set up home as it will not only be a useful to have neighbours in the same field but could see you collaborating and sharing clients further down the line. To save on costs you should check if there are any up and coming commercial areas where you can pay cheap rent whilst you are still setting up.

The next step is getting your company out into the market place. You won't entice any clients to your doorstep if they have no idea who you are, so investing in some advertising and marketing will do wonders for your business. Set up a website, print some business cards and, if you can afford it, get some advertising space so you can be sure your business is getting recognised. Once you have attracted a few clients always keep on top of your marketing so you can be sure your company continues to grow.

Once you have a bit of money behind you it's a good idea check out any conferences, trade shows or gatherings related to your chosen business. Attending these events may seem like a bit of a luxury for a new business but it can be an invaluable way to meet some of the key players in your industry and can often lead to unexpected new clients, commissions or sales. Take some with promotional bags filled with company goodies and information with you as you will be able to pass these on to potential clients so they will remember you long after the event is over.

Setting up a new business can be hard but if you put some time into promoting yourself correctly you could be the next Richard Branson before you know it.
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