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Is it possible to destroy the country of Venezuela and under 10 hours or less? Many military analysts from many different nations believe it is.
The current president of Venezuela does not understand how vulnerable he is and how upset some nations are at his rhetoric.
Apparently the president of Venezuela does not realize that there are many oil producing nations, which are very much a line with the United States of America and see him as a problem child.
The president of Venezuela is putting his country into jeopardy, as well as the people of Venezuela and it would make sense that the people of Venezuela go to whatever length to prevent a war in their country.
They might wish to get rid of the president and start a new.
So how do you invade and destroy Venezuela in under 10 hours? Well, this may not be as difficult as it sounds using unmanned aerial vehicles, stealth aircraft and United States Air Force attack aircraft and U.
Marine attack helicopters all with infrared detection.
It seems rather obvious that the President of Venezuela continues their tact and speaks out in a boisterous manner inciting other nations to go long with them, that the first world nations all the world will pick Venezuela as one of the next targets and when they do it will be over a 10 hours.
How unfortunate that some men in their sound and fury do not study history and cannot see the forest for the trees.
Venezuela has a good thing going with its oil supply and it should not be so stupid as to screw it up.
I write this article with only slight malice and intent, because the President of Venezuela has called me a terrible name, simply because I am a US Citizen and therefore as a victim of his slander I speak out.
If the people of the US keep getting called names by Hugo Chavez they will demand action and generally when the US takes action, well you know what might occur.
Consider this in 2006.
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