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Kenya is in East Africa on the continent of Africa and the second largest after Tanzania.

The country's capital city is Nairobi and the main city at the coast is Mombasa. It is situated on the equator and is bordered by five countries and these are Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

In terms of size; It is located on the total area of 224,000 sq. miles (582,000 sq. Km) and the 2nd largest in East Africa after Tanzania,

Population; the country's population in 2009 was estimated to be 38 million people

Geographically, Kenya lies along the Indian Ocean, at the equator, and is bordered by Ethiopia in the north, Somalia in northeast, Tanzania in south, Uganda and Lake Victoria in the west, and Sudan in northwest. Its capital city is Nairobi. Kenya has a significant landmark and the second among the highest mountain peaks of Africa, and that is Mountain Kenya. There is also Mountain Elgon which it shares with Uganda. Water bodies in the country include Lakes and Rivers such as Lake Victoria, Lake Turkana, Lake Nakuru, and Lake Navisha.

Kenya has a variety of wildlife, landscapes, lakes, tropical coastline, culture, history and friendly welcoming people. Kenya has geographical diversity from snow-capped peaks, a Rift Valley with extinct volcanoes and hot springs, wide open plains, forest and coastline with reefs and magnificent beaches

Climate; Kenya has a tropical climate which is warm all year round, with plenty of sunshine with cool nights and mornings. However, if you are traveling across Kenya, expect to experience different weather patterns due to Kenya's differing topographical dimensions. Generally, the hottest season falls between February and March with temperatures as high as 93°F, while the coolest season falls between July and August with temperatures dropping to the low 50's(°F).

Culture; there aredifferent cultures and these include the Swahili on the coast, pastoralist communities in the north, and several different communities in the central and western regions. The Masai culture is well known today, given its heavy exposure from tourism, The Masai are also known for their elaborate upper body adornment and jewelry.

Passport and Visas: A valid passport with visa is mandatory to enter the country. In view of the bilateral agreements, nationals of the following countries may visit Kenya without visa for a period up to 90 days: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sweden, Mauritius, South Africa and Hong Kong. Visas can be applied for online or bought upon arrival

Religion: the majority of the People in Kenya are Christian with 45% being Protestant and 33% Roman Catholic. There is a fairly large Hindu population in Kenya who is Muslims and is about 10%, indigenous beliefs also rank up to10%. The other 2% has unknown or other religions

Language: The country has got different groups and these are the Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kisii, Meru, Masai, and other African, non-African such as Asian, European, and Arab. The language that unites all these groups is Kiswahili and English and therefore they are he commonly used languages.

Money: The country's unit of currency is the Kenyan shillings. The US dollar is the hard currency of preference

Public Holidays: Apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday which fall on variable dates, other public holidays are:1st January (New Year's Day),1st May Labour Day,1st Jun Madaraka Day, 10th Oct Moi Day, 20th Oct Kenyatta Day,16th Nov Feast of the Sacrifice,12th Dec Independence Day,25th Dec Christmas Day, and 26th Dec Boxing Day.

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