Teen Bedroom Makeover Ideas


    Mix and Match

    • Teens change their styles often. Instead of constantly rearranging the room decor, choose a design style that can be easily mixed and matched to form a new look frequently. Start with the teen's favorite colors. Choose bold colored solid sheets, throw pillows, furniture covers and comforters. Purchase each item in several colors within a color family. For example, you might purchase an orange, yellow, blue and red version of each item so that the colors can be interchanged daily, weekly or monthly. Choose neutral colored electronic fixtures such as lamps and television sets.

    Unusual Furniture

    • Transform traditional lighting into energetic mood lighting with the use of unusual light fixtures and lamps. Choose electronic novelties such as sculptured plasma lamps to adorn the tabletops in the bedroom. Install a disco ball ceiling fan where the lights from the fan reflect onto the disco ball creating a sparkling effect around your room. The addition of these creative light fixtures can make outdated or otherwise boring room furniture appear modern and fun.

    Movie Day

    • Change your teen's room into a scene from his or her favorite movie. For example, if your teen loves a sports movie with lots of football scenes, paint stadium seats, crowds and lights along the walls. Add life-size football player sticker decals positioned so that they appear to be moving. A green shag rug and football hanging from the ceiling helps to complete this look. In this case, whenever the teenager comes into the room, they feel as if they are outside in the middle of a football field.

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