How to Allow More Financial Abundance and Prosperity In Your Life

A question I come across often from people who express doubts about the law of attraction is: If the law of attraction is a valid law, how is it that it does not seem to work for everyone? Armed with the various techniques they have been taught, such as visualising their abundant life, creating vision boards and using affirmations endlessly, some may have spent endless days and months trying to attract abundance and prosperity into their life, without much success.
The short answer is: for the law of attraction to work you must put yourself in a state that allows abundance to flow to you easily, without interruption or hindrance.
The Power of Thought The first thing to understand is that the key to manifesting abundance lies in your thoughts and what you focus on.
Whether positive or negative, the law of attraction states that you attract whatever you think of most.
Even thoughts of what you do not want will bring about more of the same, more of what you do not want.
The same applies when it comes to manifesting financial abundance.
Manifesting financial abundance is a simple process, but it does not work for a lot of people because what they do is focus on their lack of money.
Focusing on scarcity attracts more scarcity.
Take as an example someone who is trying to get out of debt.
By thinking and worrying about being in debt they actually create more debt, even if they may be taking practical steps to try and get out of debt.
Therefore one of the first steps to manifesting financial abundance is to be continually improving the way you think about money.
Not only is it important to keep improving your thoughts about money, but it must be done in a very deliberate and consistent way.
If, instead, you keep focusing on the things that worry you about money, or the many things you wish you had but you cannot have because of your lack of money, then you will just keep creating more of the same in your life.
You may think you are focusing on money but you will actually be doing so in a negative way.
Therefore, you should make sure you focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of money and abundance and not think about the things that bother you about your lack of it.
Living the Dream However, it is not enough to simply improve the way you think about money.
Another vital step to manifesting financial abundance is that you must truly believe it is possible to attract more abundance.
This is very difficult when you are constantly preoccupied with thinking and dealing with life's problems, seemingly caused by your scarce financial resources.
The way to overcome this lack of conviction is to see yourself as already living the life that will be when you have the things you want.
By associating yourself with people who already have the things you want in life, through reading books and stories about their lives and surrounding yourself with visual reminders of such things, you in effect program your brain to believe it is truly possible.
In addition, in order to manifest financial abundance, it is important to keep yourself in a constant state of allowing, not just in relation to money, but in all areas of your life.
Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and think about how you feel each day.
If you find yourself in a state of such negative emotions as anxiety, anger and frustration, then that is a sure a sign that you are blocking abundance from flowing to you.
In order to allow abundance, you need to be in a more positive, uplifted state of emotion because that is the only energy that is compatible with abundance.
When you enter into a state of allowing you elevate your vibrational frequency to a level where you come into alignment with abundance.
As a result, the abundance starts to flow to you easily.
You develop a deep foundation of trust and belief that the universe will always provide for you, and that you have access to all of the abundance you could ever want.
Allowing is not just thinking these things, but it involves feeling them deeply in your emotions.
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