Free Dog Training Tips

Don't believe the old adage that you can never teach an old dog new tricks.
No matter what age your dog is, it's never too late for it to learn.
So with that in mind, here are some free dog training tips to help you, and your four legged friend, get along in perfect harmony.
Obviously, when you buy or obtain a puppy, you are better to start your training sooner rather than later.
Preferably, when you puppy is between six and eight weeks old.
The first thing you must understand is that your puppy is exactly like a human child.
It doesn't want to be bad, it wants to please you in anyway it can.
So the best way that we can take advantage of this fact is by rewarding a puppy with praise, and even some kind of treat, every time they do something well.
Make sure that you do not go overboard on the treats mind you.
An overweight dog is neither healthy nor happy! One thing that really drives me mad about dog owners is when they allow their dog to eat off the same table as them when they are eating.
This is neither hygienic, nor intelligent.
The faces of your house guests when this happens, is surely proof enough that this is not the done thing.
Begging is another very bad habit that a dog can easily get into.
What you must do, as soon as possible in your puppy training, is to make sure your dog lays down in its bed, as soon as people start to eat.
Dogs should only eat when it is time for them to eat their own food, and at no other time.
Also, always remember that no matter how cute, cuddly and lovely your dog is, you are still the boss! When making commands to your dog, make sure you use a friendly but firm voice.
The only exception to this rule, is when you are using the "come to me" command.
This command is best performed with a nice friendly tone.
Now, if you only take one tip from this article, then please let it be this one.
If your puppy, has a so-called accident on the carpet, or anywhere else in the house for that matter, then please please please, do not rub their nose in it! By far the best way to teach them, is to take them outside and show them where they should have done it.
Never ever punish your dog for doing wrong.
All you will do is make them afraid of you, and they will be too scared to learn anything that you try to teach them.
Your dog will soon figure out that when they do well they get praise and treats, and when they do wrong, the praise and the treats don't appear.
So, to sum up, if your dog does well, and follows your commands, make sure you heap praise on them.
I can't emphasize this enough.
I hope these free dog training tips have helped.
Follow these simple steps, and you, and your puppy, will enjoy life together to the full.
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