Dating Tips For Shy Guys

If you are shy and find dating stressful and downright hard, there are several tips that will help you feel comfortable and have a great time.
Dating should be fun and not work.
First you must remember that being shy is not a bad personality trait.
It simply means that you do not have to be the center of attention all the time.
They key to dating is to use your shyness to your advantage.
If you are shy you may be a good listener.
Generally, women like a man who is open and listens to their thoughts and feelings.
There is a delicate balance between listening and being too quiet.
Conversation is a two-way street and a date can become very awkward if there is prolong silence.
You need to stay involved in the conversation.
If you have a hard time talking to women, you can keep yourself informed on the latest current events.
You could also get some ideas on the internet of good ice breakers or conversation started to get your conversation off to a good start.
Then just follow the conversation.
Be care trying to impress your date by talking about subjects you do not really know about.
Keep in mind you date may know and will call you on it.
No one can know everything anyway.
Just talk about what you know and what interests you/ You will soon find common ground.
Remember to always be yourself.
Don't force yourself to be outgoing as you will come off as being phony.
If you do not act naturally others will notice.
There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself a little out of yourself a little out of you your comfort zone, but don't push too far all at once.
Women can tell if your trying to be something your not.
So remember is OK to be shy you just need to do a little planning to make sure you are have some conversation starters.
Be yourself.
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