Valentine's Gift Ideas for Music Lovers


    High -Quality Headphones

    • Music lovers want to hear the tracks they play, not the background noise. Choose a high-quality pair of in-ear earphones as Valentine's Day gift for your music lover. Modern technology allows these advanced earphones to detect and cancel out background noise.

      Other features to look for an top-quality in-ear headphones include in-line volume controls, advanced materials such as memory-foam ear pads to conform comfortably to the shape of the ear. Music quality must be consistent throughout the range, including above-average bass response, a clear and distinguishable mid-range and well-reproduced high-end frequencies.

      High-performance headphones offering durability and meeting performance standards suitable for recording sessions or concert, DJ work or broadcasting vary based on quality and can be found from online and local speciality music stores.

    Wearable USB '"Thumb" Drive

    • Portable music isn't a new idea. Personal media players of all sizes also offer that function. Music lovers use these small flash memory drives, the size of your thumb, to carry music around with them, because they have larger capacities than most music players. Thumb drives can plug into computers to play files that do not have to be only in the MP3 and MP4 formats most music or media players use, but can also be MIDI files from instruments, drum machines and synthesizers without requiring file-formatting changes. The largest sizes, up to 32 gigabytes, can hold a whole recording session's worth of music.

      Thumb drives come in a wide variety of sizes, qualities and prices. One to two gigabytes are small models and larger sizes contain from four to eight gigabytes of data, and this size continuously increases with newer models and technology. The more expensive and advanced thumb drive models offer the ability to run programs installed on these drives, such as music editing software, as well as encryption-security software featuring password-only access, larger capacity and faster data transfer speeds. Some are also waterproof and dustproof. Wearable thumb drives come with attached cord lanyards. They are worn close to the heart, an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for music lovers.

    Turntable with a USB Port

    • Precious musical memories stored on old-fashioned vinyl vanish as they age and become unplayable. Enable the music lover in your life to save his 45, 33 and 78 disc collections by copying tracks or entire vinyl long-playing records onto a USB memory stick, also known as a thumb drive. This versatile turntable plays at varying speeds to accommodate all three major vinyl recording formats and makes it possible to copy these valuable and historical recordings to a USB memory stick inserted in the player's port. You can find turntables with built-in USB ports at DJ supply stores.

    Donation to Music Charities

    • Save the music she loves for future generations to play, dance to and enjoy with a donation in his name to one of many registered musical charities. This Valentine's Day gift can fund activities such as musical education in U.S. schools; purchase instruments for gifted, but impoverished students; document endangered U.S. regional musical styles; and educate inner city children about music to discourage involvement in the drug trade. Donate by credit card or check at musical charity websites.

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