How to Buy Niche Books for Resale

    • 1). Find a niche or type of books you would like to sell, and search on the internet to be sure that these books actually sell. Once you find a niche, decide if you want to limit the niche to hardcover or softcover and size limitations. This is important for shipping, discussed below.

    • 2). Determine where you plan to source your books for resale. If you choose to sell old books, you will not be able to order them from a bookstore. If you choose new books, be sure that you can get them at a price to sell under the market price on the internet.

    • 3
      Gardening books are a niche

      Establish where and how you plan to sell the books, and if it is on the internet, set up your shop and sell a book or two to see if it will work for you BEFORE you purchase many books.

    • 4). Learn about shipping books and how to ship safely as book buyers do not want corners bent or bruised. They also want reasonable postage charges so it is wise to analyze the different methods of shipping, since books are heavy and shipping can easily cost more than the book.

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