How To: Butterfly Goalie

    • 1). Drop to your knees as you splay your legs out parallel to your chest. Your toes must face away from the goal with your weight resting on the inside of your skates. This position presents the largest amount of pad to the oncoming offensive player. If you drop to your knees, splay your legs and rest on your toes, the pads will be between your legs and the ice and be of no value.

    • 2). Keep your stick blade or paddle on the ice. If you fail to keep your stick grounded, the "five hole" -- the open space between your legs -- will be exposed. In a butterfly, with your stick on the ice, you take the entire bottom of the goal away from the shooter.

    • 3). Keep your back straight up and down with your chest out, and stay square to the shooter. The butterfly technique is most successful when a goalie uses his upper body to protect the center of the net. The glove and blocker protect the sides of the goal.

    • 4). Slide to one side of the goal or the other dragging your back leg in the correct butterfly position while you keep your lead leg more vertical. Again, keep your stick on the ice so you can protect the five hole. You can slide back and forth in front of the goal, dragging your back leg on the ice. Hug the post to protect the goal from outside angle shots.

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