Smile and Say "Bark"

It's not unusual to see people upload pictures of their pets to websites, social networking pages and other internet media, or even just to their PCs to use as desktop wallpaper.
People love their pets, and they love to show them off.
Make your Dog a Star When you post pictures of your pet, it's so that other people can see your pet as you do.
Because most of the people who view your pictures don't know your pet though, it would be pretty hard to encapsulate all that your pet is in a single snapshot or even a few of them.
You should try to make pictures of your pet stand out.
Be creative, create a theme for your dog pictorials, use your pet's unique personality.
Clever captions reflective of your dog's personality are also a big help.
Make your pictorials topical, you might want to take pictures of your dog at bath time, you may want to show pictures from the beginning of the process till the end, you could also show pictures of your dog chasing down a ball and the retrieving it.
You should then post the pictures in chronological order adding nice captions to enhance your presentation.
Single pictures can work too, candid shots of your dog doing something cute or naughty are often the most endearing.
Every dog lover enjoys pictures of dogs just being dogs.
Even people who don't own dogs like to look at pictures of dogs.
Dog Photography Tips Distance It's best to get in close to capture your dog's face, dog shots are always that much cuter when a dog's unique facial expression is captured.
Angle Try not to shoot your dog from a standing position; shots from as low to the ground as your dog, are usually more intimate.
Props Don't use anything too elaborate as to seem contrived, remember, the star is your dog, not your production.
Lighting Automatic settings work best with dogs, because we can't exactly ask them to pose for pictures, auto settings also give you the flexibility to shoot candid action shots.
Patience Your pictures will not all come out as you like, especially in the beginning, have patience and practice.
Fortunately this is the era of digital photography, and if you make a mistake, you will know right away, and you can simply delete the picture and take more.
Practice Again, this is the era of the digital camera; you can click away to your heart's content, so take as many pictures as you want; as many as it takes to get it right.
Your skills can grow rapidly.
A Star is Born The more pictures you take the more you will have to share.
Share the pictures you think show your dog as you see him or her.
With dogs it's all about personality, the more personality that pictures of your dog reflect the better, and the cuter.
Accompanying your pictures with crazy captions will give people a glimpse into your dog's uniqueness and your great relationship.
If you can show people your dog through your eyes, your dog will be a star.
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