Healing Cancer - Learn About Ways to Remove It So It Won't Come Back

Have you ever wondered why a person dies after being successfully treated for cancer? When a doctor tells a patient they have got it all, that doesn't mean you can carry on living the same way you were, when the cancer first appeared. Only a person who is ill informed or a fool would do that.

We don't get cancer, our bodies grow it and the reason it grows is because of factors relating to modern living. It's our artificial food, the toxic chemicals we use believing them to be harmless and generally a life void of the 7 necessities of life. Cancer wasn't a problem many years ago and now days is only a problem in developed countries so you don't have to be a genius to figure out the causes of it.

Cancer is similar to a disease called scurvy that was a problem 200 years ago. Scurvy is a deficiency disease where the body is deficient in vitamin C. Of course there is not a treatment or a drug to cure scurvy but is easily corrected by an intake of food containing the missing vitamin. Cancer is also a deficiency disease but a more serious one and none of our current ways of treating it will correct that. That's why so many people are dying of the problem.

With deficiency diseases it is pointless just removing the symptoms. A symptom is a sign that's telling the body that something is wrong and a better way or the only way is to enhance our natural defence system which is the immune system. Why do we have treatments that only remove growths? It's because our entire drug based western health care which is tightly controlled by pharmaceutical companies is money orientated whereas no one can profit from natural ways as nature can not be patented.

The successful outcome of cancer can only be achieved through a patient's immune system and the foundation to a strong immune system is through diet. The diet I'm talking about is plant based which has come directly from the earth and not via a factory. It is essential that the food you choose to eat is freshly grown and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Other lifestyle factors that you need to address are, exercise as very few of us are getting enough these days. It was discovered 80 years ago that cancer cells despise oxygen. In fact oxygen therapy is a favourite among many natural clinics; because it is effective in removing cancer cells without damaging the rest of the body. The easiest way to get oxygen into the body is through exercise.

What is also important is some vitamin D and we get that freely from the sun. Dark skin people need more than fair skin people as their skin doesn't absorb the sun's rays as well. We also need water to drink, something we have almost forgotten to do as we are mainly consuming sugary flavoured drinks, and let's not forget plenty of rest and sleep. All these changes are important in healing the body from cancer without it returning.

Cancer treatments today may have become more sophisticated but unfortunately the survival statistics don't reflect any changes.
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