Make Any Man Fall In Love – 3 Hot Tips

Make any man fall in love.  Or send a rocket to the moon.  Which one do you think is easier?  If you said send a rocket to the moon, you definitely need some good dating advice.  Have you tried before to make a guy fall in love, and failed?  Are you ready to try again?  Do you want to succeed?  You have come to the right place.  We have 3 hot tips for you to help you make any man fall in love.

Maybe you already know how to attract men.  You have been clued in a little to male psychology.  But this is different.  Now you have found Mr. Wonderful.  You want to make him commit to you.  What do you do now?

1.  Do not think, -love-.  Instead, think, -real good friends-.  Why do we say that?  Because becoming friends is the first step to falling in love.  Some people believe in love at first sight.  But that can not be real.  Real love is based on appreciating a persons qualities.  If you have just met someone, you can not possible know what qualities they have.  If you think you are in love with him right away, you are supposing he has the qualities you are looking for.  Really, you can make any man fall in love.  You just have to concentrate on becoming real friends first.

2.  After you have become good friends, now is the time to kick it up a notch.  Now is the time to show a little affection.  A special touch, a comment that is more friendly than usual, perhaps saying something like, -I really like you-.  Why not just declare your love right away?  Because that usually scares men away.  They like to take things slower.

3.  Be sure to be the kind of person he would want to spend the rest of his life with.  If he knows that you are not trustworthy; if you seem to love money, if you are demanding or unpleasant, why would he want to become engaged or married to you?  Try to display the qualities that you would want in a spouse.

So, you go girl.  Congratulations on finding Mr. Right.  That was the hard part.  Now is the fun part.  Follow these 3 tips.  You can make any man fall in love with you.
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