Avoid These Mistakes, Fix Your Relationship and Get Your Ex Back

Have you just gone through a break up? Would you like to get back together with them but feel like there is no hope left? Well you shouldn't, every relationship is different however there is always hope.
Sometimes you just need the correct methods if not you may simply push them further away.
When you go through a break up many people do some strange things, do you ever:
  • Listen to the radio and get sad as every song reminds you somehow of your relationship.
  • Lose your appetite to eat, or the opposite, binge eat for comfort.
  • Call him or her a few times a day
  • Constantly emailing or texting
  • Constantly checking your voice mail, message machine or email
  • Being paranoid about going out and missing a call
  • Non stopping thinking about what went wrong
  • Feeling sad and depressed
  • Following them around
Now these feeling and actions may seem normal straight after a break up however where the problem lies because what are you going to do once you see them? Without a plan and knowing what to do you will most likely do what most do and panic, get defensiveness which likely will turn in to arguments turning the situation even worse and not bring you any closer to getting them back.
I am sure you don't want this and either do I.
No relationship is perfect so if you find you and your partner going through a rough time it does mean it is over completely.
You simply just need a plan how to fix your relationship.
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