Affordable Techniques for Weaving Hair


    Clip In Hairpieces

    • If you can't afford to have your weave expertly installed by a stylist, consider using clip-in hairpieces to achieve instant length and style. Clip-in hairpieces are an affordable and easy solution for those on a budget. These hairpieces are sold at local beauty supply stores and range in length and styles of weave hair. If you cannot find the particular brand of hair or style of hair you desire with pre-attached clips, individual clips and thread can be purchased so you can sew them on yourself.

      You don't need to have any specialized experience in order to install these hairpieces, simply clip, comb and go. With clip-ons, you control where you wish to add length and how you want your overall hairstyle to look. If you don't like the results, simply unclip the hairpiece and try again.

    Half Wigs

    • Half wigs are another great and affordable alternative for do it yourself hair weaving. Often referred to as "instant weaves" or "3/4 wigs," half wigs are wigs that are only worn over a select portion of your hair (typically after the crown section). These types of wigs come attached with clips to hold them in place. Typically when wearing a half wig, you should leave a portion of your natural hair out, which usually consists of the hairline and crown portion in order to comb it over the wig. Doing so allows both your natural hair and the half wig to blend together. Half wigs are a no-commit hairstyle since you can wear dozens of styles without worrying about long takedowns.


    • Using a bonding adhesive is an affordable way to achieve a weave hairstyle. This style calls for bonding glue to individual tracks of weave hair that will then be applied over your natural hair. Typically these tracks of hair are applied in multiple rows until you have achieved the length and fullness you were seeking. While this may be considered a do-it-yourself method, it is also a method that requires precision, as the bonding glue applied to the weave hair can become messy. It you are not careful, getting this glue on other parts of your natural hair that it was not intended for will cause trouble.

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