Email Marketing Best Practices - Part 2

Email marketing is a great way to build a highly successful, long term business on the internet.
With that in mind, you need to keep a few email marketing best practices in practice all the time.
This will ensure that you are doing it the "right" way.
Let's continue...
Best practice number 1 - Be consistent This tip runs along the same lines as not neglecting your list.
But this is something that will help you train your list.
Many people get this tip wrong, and think I mean to send the same old boring emails every single day.
That's not what I'm talking about here.
By being consistent, I mean develop certain habits that your list can learn to expect.
For example, I send out a free gift to my list every Tuesday and Friday.
I have also seen other examples such as a "Fun Friday" emails where the marketer will send out something fun every Friday, or "Monday motivation" where they send out a new motivational video every Monday.
Get creative here.
Best practice number 2 - Keep things interesting by mixing it up I know this may sound like a complete contradiction from best practice number 5, but it's not.
The best way for me to explain this is to give you a real life example from my business.
I make it a goal to send out at least 2 pieces of valuable content to my list every week.
That part doesn't change...
Every week they get 2 pieces of valuable content with no strings attached.
They part that changes, is the way I deliver that content.
Sometimes it's just a text email, sometimes it's a video on my blog, sometimes it's an audio recording.
That is what I mean by "mix it up".
Best practice number 3 - Learn to communicate with your list This is the best way to develop a good relationship with your list and have them know, like, and trust you.
Just communicate with them.
It's probably one of the easiest things in the world to do, yet most new marketers don't do it.
It can be as simple as ASKING them what they want.
If you send them to a valuable blog post, encourage them to leave their comments.
If you send them to a free offer, tell them to let you know what they thought about it.
Just do what you can to encourage interaction.
Best practice number 4 - Talk to them like a personal friend This is another biggie.
When you are writing an email that you plan on sending your list, don't write things like, "I hope you guys had a good weekend".
That sounds like you are sending it out to more then one person.
Even though you may be, say something like, "I hope your weekend was great Justin".
This can be done with a personalization code in all autoresponder services.
Every email should be typed as if you are talking to ONE person only...
Not a big group.
This will give you that personal connection that you need with your list.
I heard someone say the other day that they type their emails like they would type a text message...
I think I'm going to start doing that also.
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