How to Prevent Puppies From Biting Babies

    • 1). Give your puppy a piece of your baby's clothing to sniff before introducing the dog to the baby. This will help the puppy to get used to the new smell of the baby. Keep the puppy away from the baby a few hours after the baby is brought home. After that period of time, you can introduce the puppy while he is on a leash.

    • 2). Prevent puppies from biting babies by changing their schedule before bringing the baby home. Gradually adjust your puppy's schedule, such as walks and feeding, way in advance. This will allow the puppy enough time to adjust to the new schedule by the time the baby gets home.

    • 3). Train your puppy how to socialize with people of all ages. Create scenarios similar to having a baby around the puppy. Play recordings of a baby crying to get the dog accustomed to the sound. Associate sounds of a crying baby with something that the puppy loves such as a treat. Toss a treat to the puppy right after the crying sound to help him realize that when a baby cries, it is nothing bad.

    • 4). Brush up on basic commands such as "sit," "stay" or "off." Teach the puppy how to touch the baby gently without biting. Place one hand on your baby with the palm facing toward the puppy. Use the command "touch," then quickly move your hands slightly so that the puppy's nose touches the baby. Praise the dog when he touches the baby. Repeat until it becomes natural to the dog.

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