How to Write a Letter to the Financial Aid Office

    • 1). Open a word processing program. A typed letter will be easier to read and more professional than a handwritten letter, which can lead to a better chance of positive results.

    • 2). Write your name and address in the heading of the letter. These provide your contact information so the financial aid office can respond to your request.

    • 3). Skip one line and type the date on which you are writing the letter. This helps the office to keep track of how long it has been since you wrote and to respond promptly.

    • 4). Navigate to the financial aid page on the school's website and locate the name of the head of the office. Write a greeting that says, "Dear (title and last name)."

    • 5). Write a short paragraph identifying yourself and, if you are not the student, identifying the student and your relationship to the student. In the last sentence of the paragraph, briefly present you reason for writing. In most cases, this will be that you are requesting a re-evaluation of the student's financial aid package.

    • 6). Write one to two paragraphs as the main body of your letter. These should provide the details of why you are writing. For example, if you are writing a financial aid appeal letter, write about aspects of your financial situation that the office does not already know about, such as recent unemployment or medical bills. Give as many concrete numbers as possible.

    • 7). Write a final paragraph identifying what you would like the result of your letter to be. For example, you might say that you would like the office to revise your financial aid package in light of this information. You also should provide your phone number and email address and let the financial aid officer know to contact you with further questions or to obtain documentation.

    • 8). Type "Sincerely," skip about four lines and type your name.

    • 9). Proofread the letter for spelling, grammar and clarity of prose. If possible, have someone else read it and comment on whether it is clear what your problem is and what you are requesting.

    • 10

      Print your letter, and sign your name in the space above where it is typed.

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