How to Increase Power in a Mazda B3000

    • 1). Install a cold-air intake to increase air flow into the motor. This will produce significant power gains across the entire powerband, while offering much longer service intervals than the factory filter.

    • 2). Replace the restrictive Mazda exhaust system with an aftermarket high-flow unit that utilizes larger diameter piping. This greatly reduces power robbing back-pressure and allows the engine to operate more efficiently at low RPMs where torque production is key for pulling heavy loads.

    • 3). Add a custom turbo kit for the ultimate in engine performance. Basic kits will include larger injectors, an intercooler and the turbo unit itself. Many tuners have chosen to go this route for the massive power gains achieved on all B3000 series engines.

    • 4). Re-tune your engine control unit to maximize gains from all performance modifications. The ECU is conservatively tuned from the factory and can be reprogrammed with more aggressive fuel and timing maps to not only increase over-all powe but eliminate horsepower dips common to most stock vehicles and smooth out the power band.

    • 5). Install a set of under-drive pulleys to removed excess loads from the engine, thereby freeing up engine power. This works by minimizing the energy needed to drive components, such as the alternator and compressor.

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