The Most Important Key to Your Personal Power

One great key to developing your personal power is to learn to control the action of your inner awareness.
Your "Inner Awareness" is the focus of your awareness -- the part of your mind that moves through time and space and gathers information from other times and other places.
The best way to develop this skill is to form the habit of doing regular contemplation and meditation exercises.
When we think of someone who has achieved great success, whether an athlete, business person, or very successful person in any field, the chances are good that this person has great mental strength.
He or she is able to control not only what they think about and how they think about it.
In short, they are able to control what this part of their mind is doing.
As students of mind power we need to recognize that mental strength, like physical strength, comes from continual practice.
Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers of all time, has been hitting golf balls since he was a child.
Yet, he still hits golf balls for several hours every day.
I'm sure if you asked him, he would say that even after hitting millions of shots, he is still learning something about how to control the movement of a golf ball.
It hardly seems possible does it? I mean, how can you continue to learn something new about something as simple as hitting a ball.
Yet, it is a universal truth that the more you do something -- anything -- the more you learn about it.
According to scientists, your brain is the most complicated piece of matter in the universe.
Its mental activity is almost infinite in its variety.
As you begin to work with your thoughts, you quickly begin to realize that there is an incredible amount of inner activity going on under the surface of your thinking.
It might seem a simple thing to just sit still for a few minutes a day and think of something that you decide to.
Yet the great meditators -- Buddhist monks for example -- will tell you that even after years of practice, they feel they are just scratching the surface.
So even if you have no dreams of becoming another Tiger Woods, or a Buddhist monk, as a student of mind power you must recognize that the more consistent practice you put into your daily meditation exercises, the more you will be able to control the movements of your inner awareness.
With that control comes power.
I once decided that I was going to sit in the same chair at the same time every day, close my eyes and practice visualizing.
I wanted to see what the results would be.
I kept this practice up for six months.
The results I got were so remarkable that I decided to repeat the exercise for another six months.
So, I spent one whole year, every day at the same time, sitting and visualizing.
By the end of the year I had learned so much that my life took off in a whole new direction.
I am still exploring and enjoying the results of that year-long exercise.
It's not accidental that all representations of the Buddha show him focusing inwardly.
He is thinking with awareness.
We all need to become more aware of our thoughts and learn to consciously direct them.
Decide to establish a routine of daily meditations right now.
The degree of personal power you develop will result directly from how well you are able to do this.
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