Some Popular Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are one of the integral aspects of any wedlock since it carries the eternal commitment of the love and fidelity of a married couple. They are found in a variety of styles like gold, platinum, white gold, diamond etc. Below are given an idea on some of the popular types.

A very common design is the gold wedding band. These are made of solid gold and are most preferred among couples because of its rich quality. Besides, it is much economical than the other metals. They come with a plain simple look which has a classy and timeless appeal among the young bridegrooms.

Some couples love to choose from titanium and platinum wedding bands. Both the metals have earned a huge fan following because of their durability and shine. Titanium is one of the toughest metals around which ensures your priceless band's longevity for many more years to come. Besides, it has a huge collection and it thus comes for a reasonable price tag. Platinum offers a pristine subtle shine which makes it distinct from the other metals. But it is rarely found and thus the cost price is the highest in this case.

The elegant diamond wedding bands are available in a wide variety of options. You have the simple accented ones where the band is studded with a few tiny diamonds. The straight style has the sparkling stones fixed to the outer edge of the ring. Thus the diamonds get easy visibility. Another design has joined the engagement ring and wedding band together and diamonds are incorporated on the edges of your engagement ring. Then you have the eternity bands where small diamonds are arranged in a circular fashion around the band.

White gold bands are the latest choice. It is a beautiful alloy of gold with another metal and sometimes come with fitted diamonds. They are very hard so you can easily engrave your beloved's name on your precious band.
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