Airports May Be Using New Biometrics Technology Soon

Most people are use to going into an airport and going through the scanners and getting patted down.
Your luggage even has to go through a scanner whether you are carrying it on or not.
There is new technology that will use scanners to detect if people are going to do something bad.
How this works is when someone is going to do something their body starts giving off certain physiological signs.
It is just a matter of getting the right signs figured out so others would be aware of the warnings.
There are different scanners set up that will check different things on a person.
The scanners can detect pupil dilation, heart rate, skin temperature and many other things.
The system is called "Future Attribute Screening Technology".
It is still in the testing stages and has cost more than $20 million so far.
The system will not replace actual human security, but will add in tightening security.
It will help to detect things that humans do not normally pick up on.
At this point in time the system is not set up for retaining the information that is scanned into it.
It could change though at any given point and be set to retain the information.
It is also been proposed that this scanner could be invading privacy.
The reason for this is because the scanner is collecting information from people without their consent.
The whole purpose of the system is so people will have more freedom in the airports.
Since 9/11 things have changed drastically in airports and the makers of the system are hoping one day things will be able to go back to the way they were before 9/11.
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