How to measure and fit Glass Splashbacks

When it comes to contemporary wall coverings for bathrooms and kitchens, glass splashbacks are cutting edge. They are sleek, stylish, highly light reflective and very easy to maintain. Sadly though they are also extremely expensive to have them fully installed for you. Is it really that hard to measure and fit glass splashbacks yourself though? If you can do this ordering them is easy as there are now numerous websites that allow you to submit your requirements and order online.

Measuring glass splashbacks is easy

To measure glass splashbacks, the main objective is basically just to fit a number of large rectangles on your wall. More complicated shapes can also be measured of course but the end goal remains the same, you need to draw these shapes on your wall then translate this to paper or an electronic document.

To begin to mark this on the wall you need a spirit level and a pencil. Starting form slightly above your worktop, mark a level line 2mm above your worktop where you would like your glass splashbacks to be fitted. Next do the same 2mm below your kitchen units, the 2mm space is to allow for expansion over time (of your kitchen units or building settlement). So you have now marked the top and bottom of all your pieces, next you need to mark the sides.

From the edge of your units and walls, mark a 2mm vertically level line, this can also be off square but it should be a straight line. These vertical lines should intersect your top and bottom lines. Voila, the shape of each glass splashback you require has been marked on the wall so you simply need to measure these and proceed to place your order.

At this point it is highly advisable to ask someone else to measure also to see if both your measurements match. Once they do and you are sure they are correct find a suitable website online and place your order.

Fitting glass splashbacks is easy too

Once your glass splashbacks arrive you should first ensure your walls are ready for them. We strongly recommend dry fitting each piece beforehand to ensure that they fit. When dry fitting check if they sit flush on the wall, if there are any obvious bumps on the wall then you need to either level these off or apply additional adhesive either side when fitting. When you are happy they will all fit you place the glass on a level surface with the painted side up and apply neutral cure silicone to the top of the glass.

To fit the splashbacks you simply fix to the wall and apply firm pressure, place 2mm tile spacers where you need to preserve your expansion gaps. You are literally just sticking them on to the wall. There may be a little bit of alignment required, if there are gaps between your panels you can narrow these using spacers etc. Allow the silicone 24 hours to dry then you can seal them. To seal, remove all the tile spacers and fill all your expansion gaps using 2mm tile spacers. Allow this final task 24 hours to dry then give your glass a good clean using a microfibre cloth and you are finished.
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