How Do I Fit a Sports Filter to a KIA Rio?



    • It is always best to make sure that the piping will fit on the Rio. Air intakes from automotive stores are usually called universal, but upon installation, the consumer will realize that the intake tube provided with the cold air intake does not fit properly and the hood won't shut or it rubs against the engine. There are a variety of problems that can come from universal cold air intakes and they generally will not fit for a variety of reasons, which makes it best to simply buy one designed to fit the Rio.


    • Remove the stock system from the vehicle. The first place to start is with the removal of the airbox, which will have two clips on top to disassemble the top. Then, pull on the bottom to remove it from the piping running down to the wheel well. Trace the top pipe over the engine until the attachment combines with another pipe and remove it at the attachment. Most of these attachments are held on by a metal fastener; stick a screwdriver into the clip to take it apart and then pull off the entire pipe.

      Connect the new cold air intake to the attachment where the old pipe was. These are usually held on by metal flanges although, for peace of mind, use a metal fastener from the hardware store to ensure the piece will not fall off during driving. Before completing the tightening process, make sure the cold air intake as a whole runs along the same path the former intake did so that nothing will be out of place and in danger of creating a safety hazard. After inspection, tighten the flange or the fastener, and the process is complete.

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