Is He Falling in Love With Me. 7 signs He is Smitten

When a man begins to fall in love, suddenly he becomes more attentive, more available and his actions will speak volumes.  If a man is into you and considering taking the relationship to the next level he will step up and assume the role of boyfriend often without saying a word.  Below are 7 signs he is falling in love.

1.  He makes sure he has a date scheduled with you on the weekend.  The weekend is prime real estate.  If you have a date with him every weekend and not last minute hook ups, he is moving in your direction.

2.  He calls you almost daily and is interested in your day.  He asks questions about you and is sincerely interested in you and your life.  If he shows much interest in you it is a sure sign he is falling in love with you.

3.  He texts or calls randomly to share something about his life.  If he is doing this, he sees you as a part of his life. 

4.  He does little things for you.  He may cut your grass, hang a picture, or change a light bulb you can't reach.  When he starts doing little things for you to make your life easier, he is falling for you.

5.  He pays.  If a man parts with the cash in his wallet he sees you as a good investment.  Men will spend thier hard earned money when he is falling in love.

6.  He wants to see you even if it's for a few minutes.  He may find a reason to stop in at your work, or drop by your house.

7.  He comes and pick you up and does not expect you to go out of your way to see him, he will gladly go out of his way to see you.  A man falling in love does not call you late at night for a booty call, he thinks way to highly of you for that.

If your man is doing the above things, chances are good he is falling in love.  He sees a possible future with you.  What you do and how you respond to him can make all the difference in the world as to whether he takes the relationship to the next level.  A man needs to feel safe with you before he makes a commitment.  The way you handle the dating phase can make all the difference as to whether you go from girlfriend to wife
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