Create a Once Upon a Dream Fairy Tale Birthday Party

Looking for a way to make your daughter(s) birthday extra special this year? Try Once Upon A Dream Fairy Tale Birthday Party! You can make a magical party that your daughter will remember for years to come.
All you need is a little time and imagination.
Let's start with the invitations: Make it yourself! Shop the thrift store and find several pairs of high heels or purchase inexpensive dress up shoes.
Take the high heels and spray them with glossy white, pink, or gold spray paint.
Once they are dry, spray them with spray adhesive and sprinkle them with white or pink glitter.
Type up the "Royal" invitation with the date, time, and place information on the invitation.
Roll it up like a scroll and tie with a fancy ribbon.
Stick inside the "slipper".
Deliver each invitation on a small pillow and let the guest take the invitation & the slipper.
(Take the pillow with you to deliver the next invitation.
If you want have someone in your family dress up like a knight, or a royal delivery person to present each guest with their special invitation.
) Plan the Activities: Attire for The Royal Party: Ask each guest to wear their "Royal" best dress.
For your special princess purchase a  special dress that can be worn for her party, for weddings, for church, for Easter, or for Christmas.
   Princess Crowns- Purchase some hot pink poster board and cut it in half lengthwise.
Along the top of each piece cut a decorative edge with scrapbooking scissors.
Then staple or hot glue them together.
(Make really tall crowns they look adorable!) Then spray them again with spray adhesive and sprinkle with glitter.
Do this ahead of time.
When it's time for the party, have crowns ready to go.
Set up a place where the guests can decorate their crowns with large sequins, buttons, beads, flowers, etc...
Fairy Tale Ball- Give each guest a bright pink piece of crepe paper streamer.
Streamers are fun to wave gracefully through the air as little princesses dance and move around the floor.
Turn on some classical music or princess music and let them dance to it.
Stop the music and have them freeze.
Those who are still moving have to sit out until the last person is left to win the game.
Castle Pinata- Fill gift bags with treats and fun fake jewelry, candy necklaces and rings, little notebooks, fun pencils, etc...
and put them inside a themed pinata.
Then have each guest take their turn hitting the pinata with a baton or wand of some sort.
Get creative! Once the bags are on the ground each guest doesn't have to fight or scramble to get the rewards.
Everyone gets the same thing! Put the Crown on The Princess- Draw a princess on poster board or find a poster of a princess and give each guest a sparkly crown made out of scrapbooking paper or fun crowns you have made yourself.
Fairy Tale Wands- Make a fairy princess wand for each guest by taking a silk flower and wrapping the stem with floral tape.
Take ribbons and fashion a pretty bow with streamers hanging down.
You can glue some little jingle bells to the ends of the ribbons.
Each guest gets one to take home with them.
(This can be given as explained below for the gift giving Open Gifts: Have the birthday princess sit on a royal throne to open her gifts.
As each guest comes forward to present their gift, have them bow and hand her their gift.
She can hand them a cute wand as a thank you for their gift.
Bring on the Refreshments! You can make refreshments as simple or as fancy as you want them to be! *You can make little sandwiches with bread cut out with cookie cutter shapes.
Fill them with a filling of your daughter's choice.
*Add a chocolate dipped strawberrry (white or milk chocolate will do.
) *Fancy cupcakes or purchase some store bought chocolate or pink frosted cupcakes and put a tall candle or little favor like a giant ring on top of the cupcake.
*Serve pink lemonade and put some lemonade with fresh raspberries frozen in the ice trays.
Put a couple of ice cubes in their glass of lemonade and add a cool straw with a lemon slice threaded on the straw.
When all is said and done, you will be glad you took the time to create a fun party and to create memories for your special princess.
Isn't that what life should be all about? One more thing...
don't forget to capture all those fun moments with her Royal Highness and her guests with your camera.
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